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So much more, than just a camera shop.

A retail & trade distribution business in Falmouth Cornwall that has spanned almost 3 decades from the early days of supplying black & white silver based materials to local and national press photographers, commerce & industry, to the present day of supplying Schools and Colleges with state of the art digital materials & equipment. Now in our 28th year and proud to be recognised by our own highly acclaimed university here in Falmouth for our unbroken service and absolute reliability.


Binoculars, Telescopes, Monoculars: Technical Guide & Information.

Binoculars are great to have around and there are so many uses for them; they can make your life more productive and your free time more enjoyable. For bird watchers, aircraft and train spotters, motor sports and racing spectators binoculars are an essential accessory. At the theatre or at a concert your binoculars provide so much more detail. Walking, travel, skiing, ships, balloons, camping, mountaineering, hunting, hiking, fishing, landscape or nature viewing and studying architectural detail, the list is endless and so much more enjoyable with a good pair of binoculars.

MARINE EQUIPMENTBarometers, Hygrometers, Thermometers, Tide Clocks, Compasses, Tools, & Knives.

Based in the historical port of Falmouth, we stock & supply a huge range of nautical equipment from barometers, tide clocks, ships bells etc: in both spun brass & Heavy Cast Brass & Cast Chrome.